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Золотой поставщик
Золотой поставщик — это премиальное членство для поставщиков на Участникам предоставляют обширный комплекс способов продвижения товаров, максимизации воздействия товаров и увеличения рентабельности инвестиций.

Why choose us?

1. For steel ball: We import these steel balls (G10) from AKS or TSUBAKI NAKASHIMA in Japan, whose precision and dimensions are more stable. This means that it is more durable, will last longer.


2. For grease: Our parts use Japanese KYODO YUSHI grease ,allow the bearing to roll smoother and last longer, at least it can last 3 years.


3. For the material:Use Xingcheng special steel which is very famous in China.


4. Every step is very strict: 200% inspection in all the processes.

5. No burr no scratch.

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